Gillar ordet bara, sawy.
Mitt hår börjar bli långt!
Och lite pussar från finaste kotten är ju aldrig fel ;)
And also! First present of the week :>
This part will also be in english cause I want Danny to be able
to read it, since he was the one sending me this awesome gift!
So for everyone else: I have this awesome english friend, Danny,
guess we have known eachother for like... forever? Since 2005 or something?
So he sent me this gift which is an english easter egg! Isnt that awesome?
Wish I had one of these for easter, would have eaten it though.
So dont be surprised if I wake up one morning and there´s just the
egg left, no Charlie chick in it! He smells so good.
And he´s huge.
I love him :>
So thats all for today I guess, im gonna go take a hot bath and
just soak for a while.
So thx again Danny, I´ll find you a little something for your birthday!
Something rly Swedish!
Cya :D

Postat av: Mallesplace - Livet Efter En Gastric By Pass Operation

Haha va söt!

2012-04-23 @ 21:58:23
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